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Infrared Cabin

Our infrared cabin: soothing deep warmth

Here, you can enjoy the pleasant effects of infrared radiation, which penetrates the deepest layer of skin and creates a feeling of deep warmth.   

In contrast to the Finnish sauna, a maximum temperature of 60°C is reached, which is gentler on the circulation. You should for a 20 to 30 min. session - the well-being aspect plays the biggest role and should determine the duration of your infrared treatment. 

Healthy sweating helps with skin impurities or blemishes and skin irritations, promotes circulation, stimulates metabolism, and alleviates muscle tension. After a session in the infrared cabin, you should not forget to include a cool-down or relaxation phase of around 20 min.

Also important: drink plenty of fluids to compensate for the loss of minerals and fluids. 

Sometimes, the outer layer of skin is shed after a session in the sauna, which can increase the risk of sunburn.

Therefore, always use the tanning bed first and then the sauna. 

May and October Treat

May & October 2021

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May & October Treat for Golfers

May & October 2021

- 4 days with deluxe half-board

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