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Steam Bath

Our steam bath: sweating in the steam

Schwitzen im Dampfbad

It's almost like being in the tropics, because in the steam bath, you will be sweating in almost 100% humidity!

The temperature stays around 50°C and is thus very gentle on the body. The steam bath was popular even as far back as ancient Greece, and today, the effect of the supersaturated steam is undisputed. A stream bath promotes circulation, relieves muscle tension, stimulates the metabolism, and has a positive effect on skin diseases, joint problems, and respiratory illnesses.

Of course, it's easy to relax in the soothing warmth! A session in the steam bath should last between 10 to 20 min. As with the Finnish sauna, you can enjoy up to 3 sessions, but you should include a 30-min. rest period in-between.

With its lower temperatures, the steam bath is regarded as an ideal preparation for the hot and dry Finnish sauna.

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