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Our Massage Offers

The term "massage" actually encompasses a variety of techniques, all of which have one thing in common: Massages have the potential to improve your overall health condition.

They aim to relax muscles and your internal organs. 

Partial Massage/Full body Massage

Partial: 25 minutes € 32.00 | Full: 50 minutes € 58.00

Promotes blood circulation and relieves muscle tension, relaxes the vegetative nervous system, enhances wellbeing of body, mind and soul.

Sports Massage

Leg Massage: 25 minutes € 32.00
Full body: 50 minutes € 58.00

The perfekt choice after a sporty-active day, relaxed and regenerative

Foot Reflexology Massage

25 minutes € 32.00

All of the internal organs are mirrored in zones of the foot. By means of this massage, all organs are stimulated and activated. The metabolism and blood circulation are stimulated also.

Combo Massage

50 minutes € 58.00

A combination of foot reflexology massage and back massage

Manual Lymph Drainage

25 minutes € 32.00 | 50 minutes € 58.00

This is a gentle, light method of addressing build-up of lymphatic fluid. It enhances the immune system and cleanses the body.

Connective tissue massage or Fascia massage

50 minutes € 58.00

This is a special form of reflexology massage. All areas of connective tissue beneath the skin's surface that display unusual tension or blockages are stimulated using a special technique until balance is restored.

Dorn Method / Dorn Method folleowed by Breuss Massage

25 minutes € 32.00 | 50 minutes € 58.00

Is a special method that serves to improve the function of the spine and joints.

Cranio-sacral regulation

60 - 70 minutes € 75.00

With loosening of tense fascia

Aroma oil Massage

25 minutes € 32.00 | 50 minutes € 58.00

Partial or full body massage with different oils
f.e.: coconut, edelweiss, nacre, rose, lavender, lemongras, orange

East Tyrolean organic honey massage

25 minutes € 32.00 | 50 minutes € 58.00

For back and connective tissue or full body massage

East Tyrolean honey-ginger-oil massage

50 minutes € 58.00

Full body massage

Brush massage followed by birch oil massage

50 minutes € 58.00

promotes blood circulation and calms

Set up an appointment for your massage

Appointments can be set up at the reception!
For massages on the day of arrival we ask for early reservation!

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Relaxing massage at Hotel Moarhof
Sauna infusions with alpine herbs
Peace and relaxation during your holidays
April/May and October Treat

April/May October 2020

- 4 days with deluxe half-board

- lavish Eastern Tyrol buffet breakfast

- use of our sauna facilities ...


There are no current packages available here at the moment. Please find here.

April/May & October Treat for Golfers

April/May & October 2020

- 4 days with deluxe half-board

- ONLY pay for 3 nights

- 3 Greenfees

National Park Winter Magic

15.12.2019 - 21.03.2020

- 7 days incl. deluxe half-board

- 2 x Nature Watch - On the trail of nature

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